Dyson V10 vs. Dyson V11: Comparison for Dyson’s Vacuums

One of the most popular solutions for smaller homes and apartments is the portable powerhouses that use battery charges to deliver enough juice to give your property a full cleaning. Dyson’s acclaimed vacuum motor technology is available in several versions.

The V10 and the V11 are two of these portable Dysons’ more modern iterations. We’re highlighting the key distinctions between these two approaches because it might not be immediately clear what makes one better than the other.

The Dyson V10 and V11, which stand for the present and future of cord-free stick vacuums, will be contrasted. Both of these models have qualities you’d want in a cordless device, like a lengthy runtime, good power, and adaptability to clean any area of your house.

According to Dyson, the V10 and V11 can operate for up to 60 minutes. Both vacuums will operate past that limit, according to practical tests.

The main cleaning head of the V11 has a sensor that automatically adjusts the suction based on the kind of floor, adding greater ease to the table. When it comes to surface pickup, there isn’t much of a difference between the two. The Dyson V11’s only benefit is its 30% increased capacity for thorough cleaning.

Let’s investigate more details about Dyson V10 vs. V11

Overview of the Dyson V10 and V11

Dyson V10

  • Power: 151 Air watts
  • Run Time: 61 mins.
  • Recharge:5 hrs.
  • Dust cup size:77 liters
  • Weight:9 lbs.
  • Deep Cleaning:03%

Dyson V11

  • Power: 185 Air watts
  • Run Time: 74 mins.
  • Recharge: 4.5 hrs.
  • Dust cup size: 0.77 liters.
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.
  • Deep Cleaning: 100%

The V10 along with the V11 are two of Dyson’s modern electric vacuums that are available.

Both vacuums are powered by Dyson’s latest battery technology as well as the digital motor which allows it to get cleaner and last for longer many stick vacuums are cord-free.

One of the features that differentiate the two models V10 or V11 from the previous models is the latest attachment for the torque driver.

In contrast to the earlier direct-drive head with a low profile, this one is perfect for carpets modern tool is almost as effective on plain floors due to two gates that can be adjusted on the bottom.

The two openings give this device the capability to remove larger pieces of dirt.

There are three options for the V10 at the very minimum in United States – the ” Cyclone” Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead.

In the case of those who want to purchase the Dyson V11, there are only two options in the US two options – the Torque Drive and Animal. The Absolute is available only from the UK and possibly in Asia.

Similarities and differences of the Dyson V10 as compared to. V11

In terms of aesthetics, visually, the Dyson V10 and V11 look very similar, using the same dust container that is realigned.

The main difference is the color scheme options based on which model you pick.

It is the Dyson V10 Absolute comes with a wand in orange and the V11 Torque Drive’s rod is blue.

Vacuums features

✪  Trigger Switch:   It helps extend the battery life to its maximum.

✪  Removal of Extension Wand:  It offers flexibility to these vacuums.

✪  HEPA filtering and seal: Keeps dust and allergens inside the bin.

✪  Digital Motor: The motor spins approximately 125,000 rpm.

✪  Torque Drive: Upgraded cleaning head performs better on unfinished floors.

✪  Tool Interchangeable: Each variant comes with wide range of tools.

Despite the similarity, they are many differences.

Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 Variations

To summarize this, below are distinctions between the Dyson V10 as well as the V11.

✪  The power: The Dyson V11 comes with 8.38 percent more airflow in the head of the cleaning system along with 10.2 percent more airflow at the wand over the V10 which results in more efficient cleaning on the carpet.

✪  Intelligent suction: Within the V11’s principal cleaner is an electronic sensor that determines the type of floor and then selects the correct setting. This feature is for convenience if you don’t like the frustration of switching between the various settings when you come across an issue. It will help you extend your battery as you’re always in the right setting.

✪  Digital display screen: This screen on the V11 (only available on Absolute or Torque Drive) comes with the capability of displaying a digital display that provides details about the run duration, the cleaning process, and when it is time to remove the filter. This feature isn’t included in the V10.

✪  Soft roller: Only the Dyson V10 (at most within the United States) has the absolute option of soft rolling (or soft) tool.

✪  Time of run: The V11 can run for as long as 7 hours with the main cleaning tool attached at its lowest setting. The V10 will only run at 61 minutes using a crevice instrument.

The biggest distinction between the Dyson V10 in comparison to the Dyson V11 is the massive display screen in the rear that has multiple features.

✪  Battery status: The status of the battery tells the remaining time. It’s smart enough to change according to the setting.

✪  Power Mode By pressing the icon just below the screen, users can switch between low, moderate as well as high-power settings. You can also set it to auto if you need more convenience.

✪  The status of the filter: Let you know when it is time to update the filter.

Note these screens are only accessible to those who have the Torque Drive and Absolute versions. It’s not available with V11 Animal. V11 Animal. V11 Absolute V11 Absolute will be exclusively available within the United Kingdom.

Automatically Adjusts Suction, Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 Variations

Automatically Adjusts Suction

Another feature you’ll find inside V11 V11 is hidden in the Torque Drive head. It is equipped with a sensor within the instrument which detects the kind of surface it is cleaning. If it finds flooring that is hard, the tool lowers suction, and it increases the suction when it sees carpets.

Automatically Adjusts Suction

This feature helps to maximize battery life, without having to stop to change settings every time you switch in between carpets and bare floors.


One of the upgrades that can boost the efficiency of V11 is suction power. The V11 is equipped with a power of 185 air watts which is 32 higher than the V10.

The power increase is evident in the tests on airflow. The V11 features 49 cfm at the nozzle and 59 CFM at the handpiece. Comparing it to the V10 which has 39 cfm in the head and 41 cfm on the wand. it is an impressive improvement.

A higher airflow will provide more performance from the carpet. Carpets that have been deep cleaned demonstrate that (more details below) The V11 gets 77% more effectively that the V10.

Tools of Dyson V10 and Dyson V11

There are similar options for tools for both the V10 along with the V11. The accessories you’ll receive will depend on which option you select.

We’ll quickly review the table below for the various choices.

Accessories Dyson V10 Dyson V11
Soft Roller Yes Yes
Torque Drive Yes Yes
Direct Drive * Only in MotorHead No
Combination Tool Yes Yes
Crevice Tool Yes Yes
Soft Dusting Brush Yes * only available in Torque Drive
Mini-motorized Brush Yes Yes
Stubborn Dirt Brush No Yes
Extension Wand Yes Yes
Wall Mount Yes Yes


Remember the fact that V10 MotorHead being the cheapest choice, comes with the smallest number of tools. It is only equipped with the basic crevice, and the combination tool, along with an automatic-drive motor.

Dyson instruments and their purposes:

✪  Crevice Tool: It has a narrow nozzle that has an angled tip. This tool is well in reaching spaces between sofa cushions as well as narrow spaces in between or under car seats.

✪  Tool for Combination: Basically, two tools in one, namely the brush and an upholstery/crevice tool that you can apply to fabric or vents. I use it to clean my car.

✪  Mini soft dusting brush Soft bristles can be used to clean more delicate objects like lampshades.

✪  Mini Turbo Brush: A smaller version of the floor tools, with motorized brushes for cleaning hair and dirt from carpet or upholstery stairs.

✪  Direct drive head The HTML0 Direct drive head is the same head that is used within Dyson V7 and V8. Dyson V7 as well as V8. It doesn’t have gates that are adjustable and doesn’t work as well on floors that are hard. Only available within the V10 Motorhead.

✪  Torque Drive: It is an improvement over the direct-drive head, featuring two gates that can be adjusted that significantly improve the ability of debris to pick from hard surfaces. This device is compatible with both the V10 Animal and V11 Torque Drive.

✪  Soft Roller (of the name of): It is an innovative tool that Dyson designed for hard floors. It comes with an incredibly soft roller bar that can absorb dirt up to a large size. Only offered with the Absolute option.

✪  Extension Wand: This attachment allows the Dyson to be utilized as a stick or as a hand vacuum.

✪  Wall dock with mount: An optional wall-mounted device for storing or charging the vacuum as well as certain attachments. It requires drilling holes into the wall. There are self-standing, third-party docking stations that are available at different price points for those who do not wish to make holes. Dyson also offers its version called the DOK. One benefit these devices have is the ability to keep all attachments in one location.

What are the tools included in the Dyson V10 and V11?

How do you keep the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 remain clean?

What makes these vacuums efficient in cleaning is their circular system that creates lots of suction. To boost power over its V8, Dyson engineers realigned the dust cup starting with the V10 to boost the flow of air.

In the V11 power, the power level is enhanced to increase suction and cleaning performance. Behind the motors lie cleanable HEPA filters that trap allergens out of the bin.

How do you keep the V10 and V11 remain c​lean?

There are two kinds of cleaning heads available V10 and the V10 as well as the V11.

Fluffy (or Soft Roller) Cleaning Head

This fluffy head is an invention by Dyson to help clean hard floors.

I love this tool due to the fact that it can remove particles of different sizes, big or fine dirt particles due to the large clearance.

It is available only on V10 Absolute. V10 Absolute. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the V11 Torque Drive does not come with it. The V11 Absolute is now available, however, it is only available at Dyson UK.

Fluffy (or Soft Roller) Cleaning Head

In truth, I don’t believe this is a huge issue considering the torque drive is a powerful cleaning machine for hard floors.

Torque Drive Cleaning Head

This is the more conventional option that uses the spinning brush.

My opinion is that it’s a superior tool to the cleaning head for direct drive because of the gates that are adjustable.

The gates allow it to clear larger particles.

It’s not able to clean up large debris however I think it’s able to do the job effectively for everyday jobs.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is not having to carry an additional tool when your house has a mix of flooring kinds.

Direct Drive Cleaning Head

The tool can be found inside V10 Motorhead. V10 Motorhead. Similar tools can be found on the V8 and V7 but without gates.

The absence of gates means it won’t take care of large and large debris. Dyson claims that it can perform 25% less efficiently over the attachment for torque drives.

I also ran a thorough cleaning test to find out the amount of sand that the V10 and V11 collect.

Dyson on Hard Floor

There’s not much of a distinction between the V11 and the Dyson V10 and V11 when cleaning the surface of the dirt.

In the beginning, let me present the results of tests of cleaning four different kinds of dust on floors that are hard.

Model Dyson V10 Dyson V11
Quaker Oats 98% 99.3%
Coffee 98.2% 100%
Quinoa 100% 99.6%
Pet Litter 100% 100%

Dyson on Hard Floor

The two are too similar to be able to say who is the winner. However, I prefer the soft roller for hard floors because it can be used even in low settings. It also has more padding that shields the floors from being scratched.

The V11’s torque drive performs well on hard surfaces, but it wasn’t able to pick up all the debris during the forward passes when cleaning sand. It was able to clean all the debris in the following passes.

One problem concerning it is the rubber wheels that can scratch the wood. The wear rate is higher than soft rollers and hard flooring. Therefore, it’s something to take into consideration before making a choice.

Dyson V10 Results

A soft (or soft roll) tool is great at cleaning up dirt and debris from hard surfaces. It is possible to claim that this is the future of flooring cleaning since other manufacturers have copied the design.

The large clearance makes it possible to scrub large pieces of dust. It doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning cereal or cheerios, dusting the hair of your pet, or rice. It can inhale dust.

The torque drive attachment on the V10 can remove debris from hard surfaces, including large piles of dirt thanks to the two gates that can be adjusted.

Amazingly, this tool can work just the same with a hard surface. It is able to handle dirt that is as large as Cheerios however, you’ll have to make a small Z-shape to make it fit into an opening.

Dyson V11 Results

Even though the V11 doesn’t have an engine that can drive torque (at least on the US market) however, it performs exceptionally well on hard surfaces. This is great evidence of the superior quality of the design of this device.

It is able to clean up large particles such as Cheerios in the event that the gates are opened. The V11 produced similar results to the V10 on the hardwood. The difference is almost insignificant.

This is the thing to remember: even if Absolute isn’t for purchase in the United States, the Torque Drive head is adequate to use for cleaning wood regardless of big and large debris.

If you take a look at the tests for cleaning The V11 was able to score nearly 100 percent on surfaces that are hard even without having the Fluffy attachment.

Dyson for cleaning carpets

I ran numerous tests to determine the effectiveness of each of these vacuums and cleaned two carpets: mid and low pile.

As before, I also used the same kinds of debris on this particular surface to see how much each model can take in.

In a carpet with a low pile, results are similar. Both received high scores on this carpet, with the V11 having slightly higher scores in the three tests. In the final section, we’ll examine how we can assess how well V10 and V11 perform on carpets with a mid-pile. Also, I included the results of a deep cleaning test in the table.

Dyson for cleaning carpets

How to use Dyson V10 and V11?

Both vacuums are very easy to use. As usual with Dyson, all components are neatly packaged in separate plastic containers. It is easy to put together due to the quick-release latches which enable you to connect and take off accessories.

Each tool is attached in a particular direction, making it an easy-to-use setup. There aren’t any special tools to set it up.

User-friendly system

Both vacuums have similar components, including the trigger. It is necessary to squeeze the trigger to start the motor.

A drawback to this could be the strain it places on your wrists and fingers However, the trigger itself is a simple finger.

The V11 as it weighs more is more difficult to work with when cleaning up areas on floors. With the dust bin and motor above, it can cause more stress on your hand.

Cleaning the trash bin

The method of emptying the material in the garbage bin is identical to both vacuums. It uses a point-and-shoot system because of the new design that the bin is in.

In contrast to the V6 bin, which is prone to getting dirty and messy, the V10 and V11 bins are clean and have a system that pushes dirt away.

Simply direct the vacuum downward toward the trash bin, then push the latch red. This opens the bin and the entire contents will fall.

Dyson V10 vs Dyson V11 Movability

One of the advantages of every Dyson battery-powered vacuum is its capability to rotate.

It’s able to turn on the dime so it is perfect to move furniture. If there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, it is the weight of the vacuums at their top.

Note that the dirt bin is located above, which can place a lot of stress on your arms while you’re cleaning floors.

Dimensional Differences Dyson V10 vs Dyson V11

Since both vacuums share identical designs The size difference isn’t that significant.

V11 is slightly longer than the V11 and has a little larger at 50.6 inches versus 49.2“” the V10.

The larger battery cell and motor make the V11 heavier. V11. It weighs about 6.68 tons and the bulk of it is on the handle. The V10 weighs 5.9 pounds.

Maintenance Costs for V10 & V11

The main component of maintaining both V10 and V11 will be the filters. In contrast to those of the Dyson V8 and previous models V10 and V11, the V10 and V11 are equipped with only one filter.

The filters can be washed for life and, therefore, technically, there’s no reason to purchase more. The post-motor HEPA filter should be cleaned at least once per month or even more often, based on the amount of dust in the area you’re cleaning.

There are numerous choices of original as well as OEM substitutes when you purchase filters that aren’t too expensive. I’d recommend buying several more for people who will be using this for their primary vacuum and will have no interruptions.

Battery Life of Dyson Vaccum

A single of the more costly items that you can replace on a vacuum could comprise the battery.

Fortunately for those who own the V10 and V11 they can be able to last 15 years at the very least in the case of James Dyson says.

Battery Life

It will be interesting to see whether this is indeed the case. If it’s true then you’ll have the cost of a year that is zero dollars to keep it running.

Even even if it does not last longer than fifteen years there’s a way to get rid of the battery in this model and it’s just a matter of time for a new battery to become available.

How long can Dyson V10 and V11 run?

Dyson’s official code for both tools is 60 minutes maximum without the powered devices.

These are my results from tests.

Battery Low Auto/Mid Max
Dyson V10
Non-powered 61:59 mins. 31:33 mins. 5:07 mins.
Head cleaning 46:45 mins. 25:37 mins. 5:42 mins.
Dyson V11
Non-powered 71:11 mins. 40:12 mins. 6:53 mins.
Clean head 74:58 mins. 46:11 mins. 7:14 mins.


But, the similarities end there. In spite of the increase in power however, the V11 is more powerful than the V10 when you take a look at the tests.

In the power mode with the lowest setting employing the tool for soft rolling it is estimated that the V11 will last for an average of 81 minutes. In the case of V10, the number is 61 minutes with the crevice tool at low settings.

The 81 minute timeframe is just insane for a cord-free vacuum. Make sure to utilize V10 soft roller attachment on the V10 soft roller attachment with the V11 which was tested.

Another improvement in the V11 that improves efficacy is smart suction controller. It’s a sensor within the tool’s primary function it determines the area and alters the power accordingly. The results of tests show that this technology does work It’s recommended to turn it off to make the most of it.

Which one is more Noisy?

Dyson V11 Dyson V11 is the noisier choice of the two with a maximum of 78.9 decibels when you are at the highest setting.

Check the table below to see details of results from the noise test with the sound meters.

Low Mid
Dyson V10 64.1 dB 71.6 dB 76.7 dB
Dyson V11 66.5 dB 68.7 DB 78.9 DB

I was expecting these results since the V11 has a stronger motor to clean carpets better.

Dyson V10 vs. V11: Which is More Valuable?

One of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding between the two is the value for money.

Each of them has distinct advantages and drawbacks. We’ll take a look at each one in the following section.

Better value for cleaning performance

Despite the power benefit of the V11 cleaning capabilities, the performance of cleaning the surface is similar.

Based on the results of tests on cleanliness The gap between them is only a single percent. It’s not much when you consider the cost variation.

Even if you get the most expensive V10 Absolute, you’re still paying less than the V11.

One major advantage that one of the advantages that the V11 is a significant advantage over V10 is the deep cleaning. When you use the medium setting that is, to my mind, is the best setting for both on carpets the difference is about 10 percent. If there’s any reason to consider the V11 is to get deep clean carpets.

Better value for cleaning performance

Better value for run time

Apart from the deep cleaning of carpet, the run time is another major benefit that the V11 offers. Dyson claims that both tests will last for 60 minutes, however real-world testing shows otherwise.

The V11 can run as longer than 81 minutes, and the V10 will last 60 minutes. In the auto (or middle) setting, with this torque drive device it’s the V11 will continue to last for 73 mins and the V10 will last for longer that 25 minutes.

It’s a 12 minute difference in a configuration will be used for the majority of your occasions. If you’re in search of an all-encompassing home cleaner in an area with plenty of carpets, then the V11 is the ideal choice.

Technology that is more value-for-money

V11 comes with a variety of convenient features that help ease your life. The most significant improvement over V10 is the display that’s digital on the back of the motor.

It provides you with important information like battery life, power mode and the time you’ll need to wash the filter.

The V11 offers you the option of letting the vacuum determine the proper power level. If you’re after a design that’s easy to use and a speed you looking for the V11 is the better choice.

More value for power

Dyson V11 has more power then Dyson V10 across all power settings. You can refer to the chart below for numbers in CFM. To gauge airflow, I employed an anemometer in the wand and at the main cleaning head.

I enjoy the use of this tool since it tracks airflow from the entry point. The greater the airflow the more effective the vacuum is to remove dirt that has been embedded in carpets. Other factors such as the how the brush rolls are constructed are important, but airflow is the most one of the most important factors to consider.

Better value for User-friendly system

In terms of ergonomics for user-friendly systems, it is the Dyson V10 would be the most suitable choice. It’s lighter, which means less straining to work in places that are above floors. The difference is less than one pounds, but the extra ounces could cause wear on your wrists and arms.

Main Reasons to Consider Dyson V10

✪  Costs lower: Dollar for dollar the Dyson V10 provides exception value and is a cheaper alternative to the V11. Tests on cleaning show that the V10 is almost identical in performance, if not more so, in getting rid of dirt on the surface with only a fraction of a percent difference.

✪  Runs for about an hour: Dyson claims that its V10 can run for 60 minutes and tests have shown that it is more than this at 60 minutes. This is when you use motorized attachments that aren’t. With these heads to clean, it’ll last for about 29 minutes which is an excellent amount for an unpowered.

✪  Fluffy tool: This tool is a godsend on floors that are bare, and is being able to pick up tiny dirt particles. Unfortunately V11 Absolute is only available in the UK. V11 Absolute is only available in the UK. If you’re in the market for this device, you should choose the V10 Absolute.

Main Reasons to Consider Dyson V11

✪  A better deep-cleaning device: The V11’s higher airflow is most noticeable in carpets with deep cleaning this is the place where it shines. Even with the middle level of power, the V11 was in a position to capture 99percent.

✪  Cleans for over an hour: Both options come with the stated time-to-run that is 60 minutes. However, tests have revealed that the V11 is significantly longer, up to an hour (40 minutes with the tool for torque at moderate setting)!

✪  Display of the digital screen: This screen tells you the battery’s status, the clean mode, as well as the time you should cleanse the filters. It’s a unique feature for V11 Torque Drive. V11 Torque Drive (and Absolute in the UK).

✪  Automatically adjusts suction: It includes a sensor which detects the type of floor (carpet or hard flooring) and then automatically adjusts suction to match the floor. Dyson refers to it as “the Dynamic Load Sensor which can detect resistance and adjust the motor speed according to.

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